Walking down the memory lane

Walking down the memory lane, I think of you each time, Those memories get refreshed Of the time we were together, And you were completely mine Walking down the memory lane, I think of those days When you found ways To hold me in your arms And hug me tight Walking down the memory lane, I think of the time When you kissed me for the first time, And I wanted the time to stop, So that the sweetest moment of my life doesn’t pass away Walking down the memory lane, I think of the never ending chats that was … Continue reading Walking down the memory lane

An Unhappy Passenger

Hello everyone! Yes, I am back again after months together to type my thoughts as yes, I have to get it out of my mind. Last night I was coming back to Mumbai from Delhi by GoAir airlines. Never have I traveled by this airline but I had always heard that it is just not a good experience to travel by that flight. But since it was booked from my office, I didn’t have much of an option but to pray that it is a safe and smooth journey. Here begins my story. I enter the flight at the scheduled … Continue reading An Unhappy Passenger

A stay at Leisure Gardens is not the “Leisure” you’re looking for

Hello everyone, So last weekend, I happened to visit one of this resorts in Mumbai at Bhayandar, Uttan side named Leisure Gardens. What we were looking for was a place where we could relax and spend our free time without any tensions but alas that did not happen! So let me begin with the planning part of this trip. You may feel it’s not relevant to you but my blog will prove it that yes, it is very vital. Here begins the story. I was the in charge of planning as always and thus I started browsing for the best … Continue reading A stay at Leisure Gardens is not the “Leisure” you’re looking for

Adjustments can cause trouble!

Very good afternoon everyone. I am writing this blog today about one of the recent incidents which shook all the residents of my colony where I stay including my family. A very pretty, 14 year old girl named Alita (Name changed) fell off from the 4th floor of the building in Dadar East. Shocked? Unable to believe, how a 14 year old girl can fall from the 4th floor of the building, isn’t it? Just like me, I am sure too many questions have flooded your mind. The girl was smart, big enough to understand that if she leans too … Continue reading Adjustments can cause trouble!

Everything is expensive!

Started my morning saying “Dear June month, please be kind.” See how kind it has been to the service industry! Their happiness has no boundaries. Mobile operators didn’t waste a single minute and were repeatedly shooting messages to the consumers about the hike in service tax and it will reflect on the bill. Looks like everyone is going to go on a diet automatically as eating outside is going to cost them 14% of their income. No more travelling, why go to Goa or any other international destinations when we have Juhu beach? (So what if its not so clean?) … Continue reading Everything is expensive!

Digital Lives are different from Real Lives

This topic has been a big debate ever since Social networking as a concept has emerged in India. I don’t know whether to support it or not but here are a few instances that will raise a big question in the end. Just few weeks back, a not-at-all famous guy took the selfie craze to a whole new level and made it to everyone’s news feed on social media by posting a picture standing next to his uncle’s dead body. How insensitive and bizarre was that? It doesn’t end there; this user got more than 109 likes which according to me is a big number for such an insensitive post. It’s unfortunate but the fact is that bizarre topics get more traction than a church getting vandalized that needs more support. A friend of mine checked-in to a cemetery on Facebook about a year back when his close friend expired. It kept me wondering whether his friend’s death mattered to him more or the check-in on Facebook. How important was it to publicize and let the world know that he was at the cemetery to pray for his friend’s soul to rest in peace? We all know about the kind of messages that are circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook about a comet or an eclipse that is about to take place and everyone needs to switch off their phones and so on. My father-in-law immediately called my husband to discuss the same and it was so difficult for my husband to convince him that everything that he reads on WhatsApp and other places is not true. When we know how to get things viral, why not create awareness about some things that are currently important to mankind? Wouldn’t it just help as at least it is an appropriate topic and valid enough to be spread across to everyone? I know people who are completely engrossed in their phones at least 18 hours of their day on Facebook or WhatsApp or they’re gaming – let’s ask a question to ourselves, “How much do we communicate with our family on a daily basis?” During festival time too, we do not take the effort to dial the numbers of our near and dear ones, we instead just finish the matter with a message. Finally, my question to everyone – is the digital life really different from the real life? Being a social media marketer, Internet is my bread and butter but with these kinds of practices and usage of the internet, it is very unfortunate but true that the Digital Lives are turning into Real Lives. Continue reading Digital Lives are different from Real Lives

Tit For Tat

With the recent news of temples getting vandalized in U.S, the Hindus in India seem to be very concerned. But why make a big deal about it? Don’t get me wrong guys but what are we doing to the Christians in India. Some political goons are attacking the religious institutions every other day, the nuns are getting raped, the priests are being beaten up – is this what Hinduism taught us? It’s tit for tat people! If the Catholics are minority here in India, the Hindus are minority in the U.S. So, if we can vandalize their churches here in … Continue reading Tit For Tat

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation

Hi Fellas, I am back after a long time with my second post. Well, I know I am too irregular but this time I will try my level best to continue writing. It’s just my work schedule and to be honest little laziness too! Product Being Reviewed: Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation Price/Quantity/ Packaging: It costs Rs. 600/- for 18 gms. Shades Available: 16 Air-soft shades as per their website 5 to 6 shades available in the market Shade I am using: Natural Beige What does the brand promise? Product promises to give you the perfect MATTE look. My views: … Continue reading Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation

Elle 18 Eye Sparklers

Hi Friends, This is my first blog post, hope you all like it. Today I am reviewing Elle 18’s Eye Sparkler. I am very fond of Eye pencils and thus I was keen to try this. It’s available in 5 different shades – Blue Blast, Purple Pataka, Green Grenade, Gun Powder & Silver Spark. As of now, I have only tried Blue Blast & Gun Powder shades. Product Being Reviewed: Elle 18 Eye Sparklers Price/Quantity/ Packaging: It costs Rs. 85/- for 1.5 gm Shelf Life: It says 2 years but I am sure you can use it for some more … Continue reading Elle 18 Eye Sparklers